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Avant Web Browser was designed and created by Avant Force. It is powered through Microsoft Internet Explorer. Avant is free to use and is free of spyware. The developers do take donations if you decide you would like to donate. Avant can only be installed and used on Windows 2000 and up.
Avant Web Browser Speed.

Avant is a fairly fast loading web browser. It only takes a couple of seconds to open and load the browser. Surfing the web is also pretty fast. It is a lot faster than Internet Explorer. sms spy

Avant Web Browser Skins

When you install the browser, you will find about 20 different skins in the skins menu. These are the only skins available for the browser as of right now. Changing the skins is easy. You simply click the skins menu and select the skin you want to use. Then the skin will be applied. Your browser will not close. It will transform as time as you click the new skin. That is a plus with this browser. Some browsers need to close to change the skin and then it takes forever for the browser to open again. Avant Browser is quick when it comes to changing skins. Some of the skins are awful, but there are a few that look pretty nice.

Avant Web Browser Tools

There are many tools available in Avant Web Browser. Some of the tools include disabling different things like ads, pop ups, sound, graphics, video, and images. Also available are RSS Feeds, Autofill, Blocked URLS, and Mail Clients. The Blocked URLs tool allows you to block certain websites. A side panel will allow you to manage the blocked URLs. The Mail Client allows you to send email using your default email client right from the browser. You can send links, pages, and regular email with this tool.  Click to read more sms spy using phone number for free


Overall, Avant Web Browser deserves 4 stars. It would be nice to see my skins available for this browser. The skins that are available aren’t that great. Avant is fast loading and has many tools available to help with your web browsing. If you like using Internet Explorer, but hate the slowness, try the Avant Web Browser to replace it. It is very similar to Internet Explorer.

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