admin November 3, 2017

Advanced Virus Remover is one of the latest spywares to infect the computers worldwide and it is spreading like wildfire through the internet. Even though it looks like an antivirus, in reality Advanced Virus Remover is a dangerous program that can destroy all the data present on your computer and even steal your personal and financial information. In this article I am going to tell you how to check whether your computer is infected with this dangerous program and how to get rid of it. Click here to read more: hack whatsapp messages online

Advanced Virus Remover installs itself through a security backdoor with the help of Trojans. These Trojans are downloaded into your computer when you visit infected websites or download files from P2P networks or Warez sites. Once the spyware is installed on your computer, you will immediately start seeing the signs of infection. The most common indications of the infection include lots of fake pop up messages, security scans and taskbar warnings, slow system performance, system errors, presence of strange pictures or icons on your desktop etc. Advanced Virus Remover will also try to lure you into buying its full version so that its creators can steal your credit card information. Do not even think of buying the full version of this program and keep your credit card details safe.

How to remove Advanced Virus Remover from your computer

You can get rid of Advanced Virus Remover manually or by using an automatic tool. The manual method of removal is considered risky and should be attempted only by those people who have good experience in dealing with Windows registry and program structure. The first step in manual removal process is to locate suspicious registry entries in the LOCAL_HKEY_USER registry folder. Use the keywords “AdvancedVirusRemover”, “Advanced_Virus_Remover” and their variations to find the offending entries. The next step is to find all the related programs, processes, DLL and LNK files. Finally you need to delete the registry entries and the files associated with the spyware. You would also need to block the access to infected websites so that the spyware doesn’t download itself again. You must ensure that you remove every trace of this spyware from your computer or else it will regenerate itself when you reboot your computer.

As you can from the above paragraph, the manual removal of Advanced Virus Remover is time consuming and fraught with risks. That is why experts recommend using an automatic tool to get rid of this spyware. There are plenty of tools that can remove Advanced Virus Remover successfully and you can download these tools from reputed download sites such as CNET and Tucows. Choose a tool with good rating and install it on your computer to see if it can remove this spyware. Most of the tools offer a free trial version so you can even get rid of Advanced Virus Remover for free.

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