admin November 2, 2017

Everyone loves free stuff. It’s not too hard to find free software on the internet these days, either. But there are problems: is the software legal? Can I be sure it isn’t embedded with viruses or spyware? Will the software even work? Will it expire in 60 minutes or 14 days or something, and then I’ll have to pay for it? It can get pretty confusing. Sometimes you might find freeware (software intentionally designed and distributed with no cost to the end user), but often freeware style programs are limited in functionality. Other times you might find shareware, which is free for a short time, but once it expires, you have to pay to continue using it. Of course piracy (illegally downloading full retail software) is out of the question. So what can you do to get fully functional software that’s both free and legal? The answer:Giveaway of the Day.

A few weeks ago a relative sent me a link to this website. Of course I was skeptical at first, but it turns out this site is legit-fully functional retail software for free. How can this be? Well, first I’ll explain how it works, and then I’ll explain why it works.

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How It Works: Consumer’s Perspective

Every 24 hours Giveaway of the Day (GotD from here on out) puts up some new free programs. Usually this means one utilitarian application and one game. Every few days they may list a second application. Now, whichever applications or games are up for a given day will ONLY be available for that day. You must download and install it within the 24 hour window if you want it to work. Remember, this is fully licensed software. If you don’t get it free today, you won’t be able to get it free tomorrow. Once the 24 hour window has passed, the software is no longer free. This is true for the primary application, the game, and any secondary programs being offered. These secondary programs could be a rerun, a more minor application, or any number of other things.

Why It Works: Software Developer’s Perspective

Let’s say I’m a developer for a small, upstart company. We’ve got some pretty sweet new software, but nobody knows about it. How do we spread the word? Conventional advertising is extremely expensive, and it would be hard for us to focus on our target audience. Word of mouth only gets me so far. But everyone loves free stuff. If I put my program up on Giveaway of the Day, it’s instant exposure. Additionally, it’s only 24 hours: anyone finding the program after that time will have to buy it if they want it. Furthermore, GotD pays me to put the program up on the site. Sure, I may not make as much as if I’d sold my software to all those people, but the point is I never would have been able to find most of them.

A Few Minor Catches

Too good to be true, you’re thinking. Well, maybe, maybe not. There are some exclusions. GotD software is only free for personal use. That means you can’t download and install a GotD program onto all 40 computers at the office. If you want to do that, you’re going to have to pay. As such, you’ll find that many of the software releases on GotD could be used in business. This is not to say that they won’t be useful for individuals, though! Also, It’s only free if you download it in the 24 hour window. Again, if you miss the window, you’ll have to pay if you want the software. Last, you MUST install the software within the 24 hour window, and it seems you need to be connected to the internet when you do so. So don’t download a GotD at the local wi-fi cafĂ© and forget to install it there. As a part of the install process the program checks with the GotD website to make sure that it’s still free, and if you miss out, it won’t install. How to hack someones phone without touching it

So there may be a few hitches in the process, but free software is free software. Giveaway of the Day should be on your everyday bookmarks list-you never know what you’ll find, and you can’t beat the price.